Blog   Hello everyone!  If you have been around you know part of my story, and if not I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jackie Schwabe and I am the mother of four, yes I said four small children.  One of my children has an autism
Keeping a Personal Health Record when your Child has Autism Organizing your autistic child’s health record can help you, service providers, family and other caregivers to better support your child. This article will provide you with some items to consider when keeping health records for a child with autism. Why
Juggling Birds
The Greatest Show on Earth Was An Act Everyone thought I had it all together.  What they didn’t see was my life was chaos.  That work/life balance thing – mine was 10% home and 90% work. Chaos seeks balance I guess, so the universe intervened. Learning to Juggle Autism and
Mission Based Mindset
Christian Dockter – Mission Based Mindset What is a Mission Based Mindset?  Christian Dockter was just a normal 17 year old teenager that learned to have a mission based mindset.  Why?  Well, it started in 1980 when his father was in an accident and lost his leg.  Then in 2013,
Prepare to Care
Prepare to Care – Planning Ahead Makes The Circus More Fun Prepare to Care – planning ahead makes the circus more fun!  It’s true, really.  If you know you are going to have a baby, you get excited about the chance to care for the baby.  If you know you