Little Things
Lots of Change It has been a long week – and it is only Monday – lots of little things changed this week.  Lots of change in our house the last few weeks.  We got a new AuPair.  Her name is Poli – and she is pretty darn great.  Our
Mistakes Happen
Everyone Makes Mistakes on Stage My friend did a post of Facebook today trying to come to grips with a mistakes that he made.  His advice as always was spot on.  While his response to the issue was much funnier than mine – it had something to do with a
Sexuality in the Circus

Sexuality In the Circus Can Be Confusing

Posted by Jackie Schwabe on February 8, 2018

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Thinking About Sexuality I have read a few very interesting posts on Facebook lately that have me thinking about sexuality.  I actually looked up a few definitions to ensure that I was using some words in the fashion with which I intended.  ( ). How People Should Be Treated The
Support Invisible Diseases Narcolepsy
Support Performers with Invisible Diseases I belong to a few narcolepsy support groups on Facebook.  To say the very least, it has been informative and very interesting.  It also has given me an entirely different viewpoint on those struggling with ‘invisible diseases.’ Suck it Up Buttercup You see when we
Teach Someone and They Teach You I really do enjoy Facebook posts, what they teach, and more often than not the meme’s.  There was one today that provoked some deeper thinking – as often is the case for me.  The meme said “Teach someone with Autism, and they teach you.”