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It is often very loud in the Big Top Tent at the Caregiving Circus.  I’m sorry if I couldn’t hear you!  This is why I carry a megaphone around!  Just so you and I can chat one-on-one and not have to compete with all the circus performers – just fill out this form and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.

In case you really want to meet me in person, here are the places I have been in the past and where I will be in the future!  Where in the World IS the Reluctant Ringmaster??



Panel Discussion as part of the “Autism for the Professions” class at Marquette University.


9:30am – Tuesday

Silver Solutions Radio Guest

May 4, 2018

Book Launch Signing – Illinois – more details to follow.



Weekly Thursdays at 1pm Central

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Released 2/15/2018



October 2016, The Mighty


September 2016, The Mighty Guest Posts

A Little Diddy About Problems, Control, and Bravery


February 2, 2018, Hearts and Hands Home Care, Guest Post


Early April Anthology Book Release, May 4, 2018 Author Signing event


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February 26, 2018

Stepping on Legos and Cleaning up Poop

Topic: Self-Care for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

Participants will be taken on a personal journey by presenter Jackie Schwabe as she discusses how she had to learn how to prioritize self-care. A mother of four children, ages 3-11 years old (including one on the Autism spectrum), she will describe her personal journey as a caregiver.  Combining comedy with candor, she will share the challenge of finding time to shower more than once a week while washing a poop collage off a wall, running a startup, taking care of her home, working as a vice president of Leadership Research at North of Center, participating in her children’s school activities, being a good wife, and taking care of two aging parents.

November 2017

2nd Annual National Caregiving Conference

Panel Discussion #1:  It’s More Than “Just” Parenting – It’s Caregiving Panel Discussion with Lisa Riggi, Michele Rosner and Jackie Schwabe

Panel Discussion #2:  Technology Panel – Technology Panel with Claudia Cook, Carl Hirschman, Andrew Koch and Jackie Schwabe

June 2016

Expanding Interoperability to Improve Healthcare Operations

Healthcare organizations must seamlessly share information across clinical and business units and with external partners. Xerox helps connect and optimize information management technologies such as EHR/EMR, practice management, HIM, and beyond.