12 Step Program Step 10 Finding Strength Day by Day

12 Step Program – Step 10

Parent Caregivers – 12 Step Program Step 10: Finding Strength Day by Day

This series Parent Caregivers 12 Step Program is adapting the “Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous” to caregiving from the book Self-Care for Caregivers: A Twelve Step Approach. In last week’s post we discussed making amends. This week we discuss finding strength day by day.

Finding Strength Day by Day

Step 10: “Continue to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

Step 10 is about finding strength day by day. We would like to think that after the first nine steps that we are done. But the 12-step program is a process for continued growth for caregivers. Just as our care for our loved ones takes daily care and feeding – so does our growth as a caregiver. The last three steps help us tend to that growth on a daily basis. Step 10 is about paying attention to our daily thoughts and actions and to regularly clean up any wrongdoings.

Step 10 is the start of creating new behaviors and turning those new behaviors into habits. We want to identity the new behaviors we want as well as what we will do daily to acquire those new behaviors.

Step 11 is about getting in touch daily with our spiritual source of power and step 12 encourage us to draw on the 12 step program throughout each day and share our experiences with others.


The exercise this week is to create a daily inventory for maintaining our program. It is a way to catch and redirect ourselves when we start to deviate from our path. The way to do this is daily self-examination. Some people do it at the end of the day or link it to another recurring habit that they already have formed, like brushing their teeth. This internal self-reflection can keep you on track.

Others like to do a daily journal. It is a way to keep a daily listing of their activities and things to consider. Over time, you can start to see patterns, if you use a journal and document your journey. Select whichever of these two help you to stay on track.

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How This Affected Me

I have kept a journal since I was 8 years old. Some of those journals no longer served me and I got rid of them, but I needed them at the time as well as when I reviewed them. It always surprises me how far I have come, when it is easier to beat myself up each day for what I have not done well. I also created this blog as a way to keep myself accountable. The journey as a caregiver is a hard one and it is also ever changing. Yet, I liked the written evidence of both success and opportunities to improve.

What works to keep you on track? Let us know.

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