The Number One Solution



Hello everyone!  If you have been around you know part of my story, and if not I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Jackie Schwabe and I am the mother of four, yes I said four small children.  One of my children has an autism diagnosis and this is what we talk about (resources, solutions and support) here on the TentBlog.

I am also the CEO of the Mindlight App, helping you to stay organized, communicate and coordinate all the busy tasks that come with taking care of a child or aging adult.

As our journey progressed, what we found was that we were going to a lot of doctors appointments, therapist, specialist, and more.  I’ve had this overwhelming fear and dread that somehow I was going to forget something that was super important that the doctors needed right away. I was looking online for solutions and I asked for my friends who also had children special needs if they had a solution and no one seemed to have one.

What I ended up doing was finding the number one most important solution to help me reduce my overwhelmed and dred. I created a personal health record (PHR) for my daughter. I felt so much relief that I was able to have all the information in one place whenever I needed it.  We talk about this in an earlier post as well.

I created a course to help all of you do the exact same thing.   I walk you through it all step-by-step and have a few bonuses as well. To learn more and get your free resource go here. (Emergency Contact Sheet)

I hope you find it helpful
thanks so much.

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