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Christian Dockter – Mission Based Mindset – The Show Must Go On

Christian Dockter – Mission Based Mindset

What is a Mission Based Mindset?  Christian Dockter was just a normal 17 year old teenager that learned to have a mission based mindset.  Why?  Well, it started in 1980 when his father was in an accident and lost his leg.  Then in 2013, due to complications with his Dad’s prosthetic leg, his Dad fell.  When his Dad fell, he hit his head, resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

Until the fall, Christian’s family was pretty traditional.  His Dad was his provider and had been Christian’s caregiver his entire life.  Then, in a blink of an eye the roles were reversed.  How does a 17 year old deal with all of this?

The Show Must Go On

Christian still had to do all the things a 17 year old has to do.  Yet, now he would learn to deal with difficult things that involved questions of pride, dignity, psychology – things not a lot of 17 year olds have to experience.  His Dad liked his normal hang out spot, in his room watching TV.  But, traumatic brain injuries can come along with emotional roller coasters.  It isn’t always fun to go hang out with Dad anymore.

Mission Based Mindset

This young man is only 21 now.  He is actually working at the home health agency that helps with his Dad.  Hearts and Hands Home Care employed Christian, but also helped Christian with his mission.

What is that mission you might ask?  His mission is to provide the best quality care for his Dad.  So, he asked himself before going into the TV room, what is my Why?  Why am I doing this right now?

Want to hear more?  Check out the interview with Christian below.  Better yet, visit him on April 19th as he continues his story with us on our weekly PodCast at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mindlightllc

Christian will be sharing with us a little about how his employer and the agency that helps with his father, Hearts and Hands, is helping their community with a fundraiser to support Hope Against Trafficking.  Listen in on April 19th!

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