The Gift of Silence - The Circus is So Loud!

The Gift of Silence – The Circus is So Loud!

The Gift of Silence – The Circus is So Loud!

The Gift of Silence; a real gift if you have been living in the caregiving circus for some time.  When my husband and I first got married, he used to joke that I talked so much that his ears would bleed.  I think sometimes he wished for the silence from those days.  I am sure he didn’t realize how loud it could really get.

When our daughter was younger she didn’t speak.  Her older brother and sister made up for the lack of her words.  However, once she starting using words, or rather screaming words, things could get a little loud in our house.  Even I, the talkative one, sought out moments of silence.  I desperately wanted to not hear someone screaming or kids fighting.

Three Tips to Get The Gift of Silence

It may seem at times that there really is no way in  heaven that you are ever going to not hear noise again.  However, there are a few tricks this mother of four kids has picked up along the way.  First, download the free app Insight Timer.  This is a meditation app that you can use for free.  You can listen to guided or unguided meditation.  While it is not completely silence, it does allow more peaceful sounds and can help cover up some of the sounds o four kiddos as they scream for our attention, or just scream because we are out of foods that start with “P” and that is all they will eat this week.

Here is another PRO tip on the silence thing.  Just because you have headphones on, doesn’t mean you have to be listening to anything!  My kids often don’t ask me stuff because my headphones are in.  How do I know?  I hear them talking, but I don’t always correct them.

Tip #2 to Get the Gift of Silence

The second tip is to go swimming.  Anywhere.  You can go to the YMCA and perhaps take your kids with.  You can play that game where you hold your breath and see who can do it the longest.  Well, 30 seconds of pure silence as either you DO it or they are trying to do it is … priceless.  If you are already at the YMCA, you can always have the kiddos go to the kidcare and then go to a yoga class.  The only thing I ever hear in there is the occasional accidental passing of gas.  And these day, as crazy as they are, I don’t even mind the smell.

Tip #3 -to Get the Gift of Silence

Buy some ear plugs or the ones that you use when you fly, and use them.  Yet, I am serious.  While you may not drown out all of the noise, you might at least reduce the decibel volume to something that won’t cause your ears to bleed.  Try wearing them at night for bed.  Trust me, for most of you worried that you won’t hear your kid wake up, they will make sure they get your attention.  I am four kids into this game and I gotta tell you, never once did they NOT get what they wanted or needed even if I did want to sleep and pretend not to hear them!

Hopefully you found these tips helpful!  How do you find silence in your day?  Let me us know – by stopping over to the Patreon page and tell us what you tips you use to find silence in the circus!

Your Reluctant Ringmaster,