Achieving I’m-Possibilities

Author AJ Bryant – Achieving I’m-Possibilities – Letter to the Circus

Author AJ Bryant – Achieving I’m-Possibilities – Letter to the Circus

I’m AJ Bryant, founder of Achieving I’m-Possibilities, and author of The Revocation, a legal thriller, and upcoming book, Self-Conservation, the Art of Self-Care.Hello,

Terrified to Learn to Read

In kindergarten, I was terrified to learn to read.  My older brother was in third grade, and I was absolutely certain that my teacher was going to make me read those Boxcar Kid books, and I couldn’t! However, after a few rounds with “See Spot Run” I started to fall in love with words.  I remember in third grade, curling up on the couch with The Emerald City of Oz, and I was so quiet my mom forgot I was there and stayed up till eleven reading a chapter book.

I used to sneak a flashlight to bed with me and read until three and four in the morning.  My love affair with words blossomed into writing and public speaking when I started competing in middle school. I won my first essay contest and a free trip to California in eighth grade, and after that, I was done.  I knew I wanted to make words my life.

18 Hour Drive, 3 Days, and Nearly a Year

Life, however, had other plans.  A year after graduating with honors with a degree in communications, I gave up my battle to save my marriage after multiple affairs, and moved from San Antonio back to Colorado with a 2 year old and newborn.

The 18 hour drive took 3 days, but the reconstruction of my life would take nearly a year.  After working for 8 years in law enforcement and the criminal justice system, my yen for words started to raise its head in my heart again.  My passion, however, has changed dramatically.

Two Law Enforcement Funerals

After attending two law enforcement funerals, one a heart attack, and one a suicide, my overwhelming mantra has been “never again.” I’m using all my skills, both as a reporter and a cop, to dig into what makes successful self-care work and last, to assist those who are in high-stress jobs avoid the pitfalls of burnout, health issues, depression and anxiety, addiction, and lead victorious lives.

“Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says I’m-possible.”

One of my favorite quotes, which is in my signature line on all my correspondence, is a quote from Audrey Hepburn:  “Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says I’m-possible.”  While brainstorming the name of my business, I happened to glance down at my email, and Achieving I’m-Possibilities was born.  The mission of Achieving I’m-Possibilities is to equip servant leaders to implement powerful self-conservation skills to move beyond the daily survive to thrive.

AJ Bryant
Achieving I’m-Possibilities