Grandparents, Autism,

Grandparents, Autism, and How to Be Part of the Circus

Grandparents, Autism, and How to Be Part of the Circus – Takes Village

Grandparents, Autism, and how to be part of the new crazy circus isn’t as hard or as scary as you think!  Below are going to be 5 tips you can use to help your grandchildren and yours kids as they navigate this new journey they are on.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Villager – Tip #1

Grandparents have a lot to offer!  They always have.  We know that you are amazing and we really want to work together with you.  Each family member is able to offer different things they have learned over time and you have learned a lot.  Your efforts are appreciated, really.  Even if it is just taking the other kiddos for a walk or lunch, or maybe the circus.  Just know, we know it takes the entire village to do it!

Grandparents, Autism, and Support – Tip #2

Maybe you forget sometimes, but you are part of the family!  So, this new diagnosis is going to have an impact on you as well.  So you might want to seek out some of your own support to help you through the difficult times.

My mother-in-law is amazing.  She was one of the people that helped us realize there were some things different about our daughter.  But, after we found out she was autistic, she wondered what that meant for her and Pops too!  Could they handle our daughter on their own?  Should they babysit her anymore?  It is okay to think any of these things.  You don’t have to do more or be better or be super grandparent!  You already are.  Just do what you can and seek others input too.

Grandparents, Autism, and Judgement – Tip #3

Okay, so while we are pretty open on the realizing that you are in the family and you need support to, please don’t judge what we are doing with our children.  Judgement is hard enough, but having our own parents judge us is just too much.  Consider our feelings please!  We are already really overwhelmed.  We actually know we have no idea what we are doing.  You telling us that, does not help.

Please help us by respecting our decisions.  We are working hard to explore and research all our options.  We think we are coming up with well thought out conclusions.  And please don’t compare our kids to the other grandkids.  Our circus is unique.  We are doing what we can.  We are bringing our children up to be the best they can be using the tools we can find.  Thanks a ton on this one!

Grandparents, Autism, and Learning – Tip #4

Here is an easy thing you can do to be a part of the solution.  Learn about autism.  It affect everyone in every social and economic status in life.  There is all kinds of information and research out there.

Also, how our kiddos act is just as varied as the research you will find.  You might find a great tip that can help all of us!  We might be tied up dealing with a new behavior issue, but you might find that ‘extincting’ that behavior is helpful.  We would appreciate the source of the information – just maybe after the crisis is over.

Grandparents to the Rescue – Tip #5

What would really, really help is if you could help out with spending special time with each of our kiddos.  If you can enjoy special moments with all of them, it will make them all feel special.  It is hard for us sometimes to give equal attention, we have a few more things we have to work on with our autistic kiddos.  So, if you could help out here, that would be so great.

We hope this was helpful!  If you enjoyed this post, please check out Tips for Parents or maybe even Tips for Siblings!  There are some good ideas that apply universally here.

Thanks so much,

The Reluctant Ringmaster, Jackie Schwabe