Learning Never Stops

Month 14 – Learning Never Stops – Startup CEO

Month 14 – Learning Never Stops – Startup CEO

Did you notice that I skipped from day 100 or so and started counting in months, it was because the learning never stops?  Yeah, well – turns out the longer you are running everything the less amount of time you have to write blog posts telling your readers what you are doing!  While that is not a great excuse, it is legitimately the one that I have.  So, I am going to make efforts to do more posts about the business side of getting things set up in addition to what I am actually doing as part of the business.

Do You Know How Many Types of Social Media There Are?

It is so true, that learning never stops.  I mean, I am a previous computer programmer.  If anyone is going to have a good handle on the technical parts of a company it should be the programmer, right?  Wrong.  I officially now have an active facebook profile, facebook page, a few facebook groups, a website, an instagram feed, a patreon account, youtube, and a few other things that I haven’t even really got worked out yet.

Luckily, many of them will feed into the others.  However, man there are a ton of different ways to get information out to the world.  This is just what I am doing.  We also have marketing folks that do work on the other channels.  So I had to learn about instagram hashtag strategy, facebook live posting strategy, and about a hundred other things.  All of this just to get someone to purchase our amazing app – which HAS A FREE version.  Wowzers – there are things that I didn’t know were going to be so hard when I started this adventure.

I Didn’t Know What I Didn’t Know

I didn’t know learning never stops.  Well, I mean I figured that it couldn’t stop all together, but I really thought I knew how to run things.  Well, there are more “things” than I knew about.  I have a newfound respect for my prior employers as well as fellow entrepreneurs.  Now we really do everything.  We can’t get mad about the boss not explaining things or the sales guy not selling stuff.  Nope, it’s all us.  I didn’t’ know things were going to be so hard when I started this adventure.

I’m Still Super Thankful

Yes, learning new stops.  However, I am still very thankful.  I am thankful that I can figure out how to get my special needs child into a different school.  Of course, I am thankful that when my children are sick, I can go to their school and pick them up.  I am thankful that I am learning new things all the time.  I love to learn.  So, Month 14.  I haven’t quit yet!  There is no quit in me.  I can’t wait to figure out what I learn next!

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