What Causes Autism

Looking for the Culprit – Who Pooped in the Tent? What Causes Autism?

Looking for the Culprit – Who Pooped in the Tent? What Causes Autism?

What Causes Autism?  Who pooped in the tent?  I am pretty sure no one knows why crap happens.  Many of you, like me, hope that in finding the source of autism we can find a way to help our children.  I am going to try hard to not be controversial here too, but in my opinion, I don’t care what the cause is.  No, I don’t think it is a thing that can be ‘cured.’

My daughter doesn’t have cancer or high blood pressure.  This isn’t one of those things that can be cured.  Now, I am hopeful that there will be some preventative therapies that could arise out of find the source of the condition, but a cure?  I don’t know.

Who would she be then?

Why do I take this stance?  Well, it was after a conversation with my oldest daughter – who is amazing and smart and just awesome as he&@.  When I asked her once whether she would want to get rid of her little sister’s autism diagnosis, she looked at me like I was nuts.  It was probably a fair assessment.

She basically said No.  My sweet daughter asked me a really important question after that.  She asked me who I thought her sister would be if she was not autistic.  What made her autistic vs being herself?  They were all great questions, and none of which I had an answer for.

You see, if you have cancer they can cut it out.  What part of her could they take out or take away?  Which parts of her are defined by autism?  Okay, you can take away the toe walking and maybe her poop art – but what else?  If she wasn’t autistic would she know the lines of every single movie she has ever watched?  What about her ability to read at the same level as her oldest sibling?  Does she have to lose that too?

Now don’t get me wrong, our life and this diagnosis are not all roses and sunshine.  It is more often poop and screaming.  Yet, it is our poop and our screaming and our daughter.  Also, I don’t have time or the skills to find the cure to this thing.  I would much rather focus on helping my child learn to be comfortable in the skin she is in.

But it’s the Vaccines Ringmaster!

Oh fooey.  And frankly dear, I don’t give a damn.  I am not going to get into a huge debate over this.  However, the one study that said it was vaccines was debunked.  Now that isn’t to say it isn’t possible, it is only to say that the thing everyone is using to show it is the cause was a big fat lie.  So, nah, it ain’t the vaccines folks – even if Jennifer McCarthy said so.  So there.

Okay, I was somewhat of a jerk there.  If you think vaccines might be the cause – you are more than welcome to have that opinion.  Heck, you might be right.  If you are concerned, please do be sure to speak with your doctor or the pediatrician to ensure you understand the risks of both doing and not doing them.

Other Fooey!

There is some more fooey I need to debunk here as well.  Autism is not caused by vaccines and it is not caused by bad parenting.  That is bull ? roar as Sgt. Calhoun would say.  I’m a good parent.  My husband, he is a frickin’ amaze balls parent.  We had two kiddos before her.  They do not do what she does.  They do not act they way she acts.  Autism isn’t caused by poor parenting techniques or not enough hugs.

Trust me, I hug the heck out of my kids.  Ask they, they will tell you.  The older ones don’t like it so much.  The littles, well they still like me.

Oh, and fooey to the food thing too.  Although food allergies occur in many autistic kiddos, our daughter doesn’t have any.  She is still autistic.  Some kids benefit from vitamins, our daughter takes them, the same ones her siblings take – but malnutrition isn’t the reason.  Although her affinity for only eating food that start with a P could be a bit of an issue … but still … fooey.

It’s All In Your Head

There are many links between autism and the brain.  Some people say that autistic folks have bigger brains or that they are wired different that typical brains.  I subscribe to this theory.  My daughter is neurologically atypical.  She can do things that children much older than her cannot do, yet she is still not potty trained.  She is not learning delayed, she is just unique in how she learns.

Some folks say that autistic brains are malfunctioning overall.  Nah.  I think they are cool.  They are just too smart of us neurotypical folks to comprehend.  Alright, maybe that isn’t totally true.  But, I think, I don’t know – that our kids are just “wired’ different.

There is also some additional evidence that autistic children show signs of immunodeficiency.   I have not  seen any evidence that I feel backs this theory up.  And anecdotally, our daughter is the healthiest of the four kids.  She rarely gets colds or the flu. She is the only one of the four kids that does NOT have asthma.  So, for us that is not the case.  It doesn’t mean it isn’t the case for others – just not ours.

It’s in the Pants

Some folks think autism is genetic.  I can buy that one for the price of a merry go round admission.  My uncle had similar traits as my daughter.  In those days no one knew what to call it – and often the “r” word was used.  Yet, it is hard to dismiss.  Not to mention that my husband and I are both nerds.  We both have a number of traits that could be considered autistic if they were all in one person.  So, if I was a betting gal – the jeans are what I would look at.  But again, I don’t care.  I just want her to be the best she that she can be.

The Survey Says?

So, the survey says?  No one knows.  Yep, there ya go.  All that chit chat and the answer is no one knows the answer.  Hence my snarkiness at the start.  I do want to know, really.  Do it matter right now though? I cannot chase every possible cure or possible fix.  The only thing I can do is love my family and support my child the best way that I can.  I want to spend my life living with my family, instead of trying to find a new way to live with them in the future.  Time goes too fast for me to wait for my life to start.

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