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Reminder Rosie is the Star of the Show – Product Review

Reminder Rosie is the Star of this show!

One of the things that I have learned over the last few years is that there is a lot of great technology in the market, like Reminder Rosie.  The issue is that no one knows how to search for the technology they need.  Another problem we run into is that we don’t know how to search for what we are looking for.  Lastly, marketing can be seriously broken sometimes.  Take Reminder Rosie for instance.

She is Not 90 Years Old with Dementia

One thing my Zoe is not is a 90 year old woman with dementia.  However, if you look at products like Reminder Rosie, you see nearly 100% of the marketing is targeting this woman.  Here’s the thing though, this clock is perfect.  It allows you to record, in your own voice, 25 reminders.  Seriously, this is awesome!  How many of you guys have kiddos that are sensitive to sound?  Many of our kids hate the sound and it turns every morning into a nightmare!

Reminder Rosie is Like a Clone of Our Nagging

Think about it!  You are no longer the one doing all the nagging.  Nope. Rosie is doing it.  Rosie is the one that your kid is mad at.  Now some kiddos will not blame Rosie, they will blame you because it has your recorded voice.  However, you would have warned them anyway.  So Rosie gives our throats a little break from the nagging and our kids a break from the noise and getting startled.

Reminder Rosie Can Get Bossed Around and Not Hate It

The other nice feature Rosie has, she listens.  If your kid tells her to stop, she will.  If they say “Reminder Off” – she will listen, response, and react.  It is kind of beautiful really.  I think I want to adopt Rosie, how about you?  Hey, maybe some of our kids will talk a little sooner just so they can get her to stop talking.  Look, I have no shame.  I will do what I gotta do.


Reminder Rosie Autism Talk To Me

Reminder Rosie – Perfect for Autistic Kids

Reminder Rosie – Voice Reminders

Rosie also have daily, weekly, monthly, by date or annual reminders that playback with the voice you recorded.  This little diddy is the best.  Whether you purchase it or not, I want you to start to think about Reminder Rosie as a lesson we needed.  There are so many resources, tools, and support out there for us, we just don’t know what we are looking fo or what works to use to find it.  I am finding a lot of really cool solutions can be found in the dementia space that are helpful for our kiddos too.

Reminder Rosie Says Goodbye and Thank you

Please let me know if you felt this was a helpful review.  If you find this type of information could make things easier for you, please tell me so I can do more of it.  I hope you will continue to follow our blog and please follow up on Patreon so we can keep doing this for all of you.

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