Clowns Love Conversations

Clowns Love Conversations – Children Do Too – Product Review

Clowns Love Conversations – Children Do Too

Clowns love conversations and so do children.  I cannot even tell you how many decks of cards we have purchased for my daughter.  She is obsessed with all kinds of picture cards.  She will ask you every question you never wanted to know because of her cards.  Similar to the Reminder Rosie review, this review points out a great product that is only marketed to a subset of folks it can help.

Conversation Cards for Adults – Huh

Conversation cards for adults is a great way to market to those that are starting to lose their memory.  It is also a really great tool to help exercise their brains.  One the other hand, Zoe is only 6 years old and she would benefit tremendously from this set of cards and so might your kiddo.  The cards have several hundred written conversation starters!  Imagine with a little ingenuity how many more things you could think about saying.

Perhaps because some of our kids are non-verbal they forget that they still have conversations.  Or maybe everyone forgets that communication isn’t just verbal, but there are other things our kids do to tell us they are listening.  I love the idea of pecs and visual prompts to help our kiddos out.  Plus, not all of our kids are 5 or 6.  Some of our children are teens or adults.  So there is a much bigger applicable market than the one others are looking at.

Clowns Love Conversations and So Do Kids!

I don’t have a lot more to say, other than to keep seeing these various product reviews and what they are targeting and how they are totally missing the mark with us.  There are a lot great things out there, but since marketers don’t understand our kiddos or they don’t think we can afford to pay for tools ( I mean after ABA therapy costs they ain’t wrong) that can help.  But, either way – please consider checking these out.  I think they are uber cool.

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