Significant Change

Significant Change Before The Opening Act

Significant Change

As is my way, Facebook and a little dose of real life and some significant change have inspired today’s post.  You see, a few people I care very much about have experienced some pretty significant change in their lives.

One, my sweet niece, moved to be with her boy friend with much opposition from her family just to have the little chicken break off their relationship in a facebook message ( a rant on that one at a later date ).  Another, a dear friend of mine from middle school had some major change occur that has her questioning what she is going to do with her life.  Another friend, a writer of much repute, has had nearly every member of her family in some sort of car accident or cast.  Geez, that poor family!

Curve Balls are Not Playing Fair

Wow.  I mean I get it.  Life is crazy and it keeps throwing all of us curve balls.  And just to play fair I have had my share of change in the last six months.

I got a new job that is an hour drive from home and I used to work remote at home.  I got a new day care person the week before this new job that I didn’t know very well and now have to trust with my most priceless possessions.  The person that I report to at work has changed, but not changed really, but changed but not really, but yes ok really this time.  My 90% or so remote position is more 10% remote and a few more unexpected opportunities have presented themselves.

Diagnosed with Narcolepsy Anyone?

I was diagnosed with narcolepsy.  My husband got a new job.  Neither of our new jobs have ABA therapy benefits, so we have to go onto the WI CTLS – and that has been a cluster.  Oh and then a month later we switch to Medicaid.  But, don’t forget that at 4:30pm on a Friday we get a call from the provider canceling services until we figure out why the CTLS hasn’t returned the paperwork – even though both the provider and I talk to them all the time.

ABA Not Covered by Insurance Anyone?

Oh, and let’s not forget that the previously insurance covered service is $5500 a month without insurance, and oh only $1500 with CTLS – but whose adding up dollars – I mean they grow on trees right?

$1600+ Dollar Medication Anyone?

And let’s not forget the 2 week lapse in coverage where I find out I have to refill MY ONLY medication that is —- wait for it — $1619!  Yes, $1619.  But that’s ok, because I have google and I was able to find a discount card and got it for a whopping $259.

Stress Make Anyone Else Sick?

I got sick the weekend that I was hosting my very first and possibly last family reunion on my Dad’s side of the family and I lost my voice totally.

That’s Just Life – Suck It Up Buttercup

So, yeah, things have been a bit in flux here too.  But guess what team, this is just life.  It really is.  The reason we have such complex problems is we have a good life.  I mean really, think about it.  If we were homeless, with no job, and no food – we would have 1 problem – FOOD.  That is all.  And frankly folks, I am thankful that we have complex 1st world problems.  That means we are living.  That means we are alive and we have our basic necessities taken care of.

Be The Change

Does a lot of this stuff stink?  Well sure it does folks.  It really really does.  But, is my life ending due to any of these things?  I think it is time we take some advice that I read on LinkedIn today.  It is time that we stop venting about all the stuff that is not going right.  Let’s focus our energies towards the things we can change – and BE THE CHANGE.

If You Don’t Like It, Change

So in my case.  If I don’t like the new situation at work – I can make it better, I can quit, or I can find a new job.  Hey, there are all real live options.  If I don’t like how much medication costs, I can find a discount card, I can figure out how to do without it, I can find a new type of medication, I can find other types of insurance, I can let it lapse and wait until we have insurance again.  If I don’t like the therapy situation I can look at doing it on my own, finding a private provider, show up at the offices of the CTLS and wait until the sign the paperwork.

Not Short Problems Or Options

Look we are not short of problems, but we are also not short of options.  My niece, she dusted herself off and is moving on.  Then my friend, she is a survivor and will figure it out.  Also, my writer friend, I suspect she will carefully walk for awhile and maybe not drive a bit so she isn’t injured.  Finally, a relative of mine, he is finding his own way – GoFundMe – his wife is taking photos and selling them – his son is finding a way to get to school that isn’t his optimal choice, but he still has choices.

Only Certainty is Change

Life is if nothing uncertain.  The only certainty is change.  Perhaps fighting the change, we should embrace it.  Perhaps instead of venting on all that we cannot do, we choose to do something, anything.  Life is not easy.  We were not born with a map of our travels or a compass so we know north, south, east, and west.


I went backpacking one time – about 10 years ago.  The first day was pretty.  The path was very worn and the tree branches were broken.  There were signs of other hikers, some small amount of litter here or there.  But day two and three – they were breathtaking.  The pictures I took can not describe or show how amazing, untouched, and peaceful this landscape was.

Take the Path Not on the Map

We often are traveling the paths that are not yet on the map, similar to the backpacking trip I took.  And you know what … very often when making our own way and finding out own path – what is left at the end of our many journeys is just … well breathtaking.

Amazing, Untouched, and Peaceful

I encourage everyone to take a breath.  Find one thing you have some control over and make an effort to control that change that can make that thing better.  I promise you it will feel much better than the venting.  It will feel much better that the littered path of travelers before.  It will feel amazing, untouched, and peaceful.

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