Mistakes Happen

Everyone Makes Mistakes on Stage

Everyone Makes Mistakes on Stage

My friend did a post of Facebook today trying to come to grips with a mistakes that he made.  His advice as always was spot on.  While his response to the issue was much funnier than mine – it had something to do with a monkey and a meat suit – I still felt the need to add a little lesson about it myself here though.

Typos on Book Covers

You see, I am pretty sure he is beating himself up over a typo that ended up in his later book cover.  While I am sure that sucks and that is isn’t exactly a way to show credibility as a writer, who cares!  I mean the book wasn’t a grammar book.  The book about about creating last relationship.  Like literally, one of the main topics ON THE COVER was to “Tame Your Inner Critic” – sounds like my buddy needed to hear his own words a bit about mistakes being okay.

Only One Perfect Person … And That Ended Poorly

So here’s my take on this.  There is only one person that was perfect (and only if you believe in Christianity in some way ) – and that was Jesus.  And while I don’t want to sound sacrilegious here or anything – it didn’t exactly end well for the guy.  He suffered, but not from his mistakes … am I right?

Learn 299 Ways Not To Do It

However, if you look at a guy like Thomas Jefferson – who tried 300+ times to create a light bulb – but failed 299 times – his outcome was a little better.  I believe he was once quoted as having said something like he didn’t fail, but learned 299 ways not to do it.

Bull Roar

Then there’s this whole concept that if you fail once it is a mistakes, but if you fail twice it is a choice.  Really?  Really?  Because I say bull roar.  If I try to do jumping jacks in an effort to get in better shape and I screw it up 100 times, and I making a mistake 99 times?  Or am I getting towards the goal of doing it right.  Or, does the journey of these jumping jacks lead me on a better path to health and my form may never get better?  Again, who cares.

Unsolicited Advice

So, I gave my buddy some unsolicited advice, as I am known to do.  I said that everything that you do in your life makes you who you are.  That means the success and the failures.  At the end of the day I like me and that means I had to have the failures.  I also like him very much too.  So, if he really needs to expel this negative energy and he is the guy that writes books about being the best you for yourself and you partner – then write about it.  Focus all that negative mojo into a positive force and help others get off the negative self-hate bandwagon and get on the 299 ways that not to do it one.

Typos Shouldn’t Suck That Much

Life is too short my dear friends to let something like a typo suck energy from your being.  Life is too short and time is too precious.  If you must dwell, figure out a way to dwell that brings out positive outcomes.

Sometimes Craps Just Funny

One more example of this.  My relative that does not want to be identified is a narcoleptic.  He struggles very much in many ways.  Yet, he started doing this funny little thing every day.  He takes something that seems negative about the condition and makes a joke of it.  It is his way to show both the humor and the positive side of things.  For example, if you don’t like a movie – don’t worry about it.  You’ll sleep through it anyway.  True.  Funny, because it is true.  And guess what else, all those that are sad or struggling reading his stuff now smiled and have a way to feel good.  So, take the bad and reposition it.  Like is all about perspective and choices.  Choose well.

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