Pre Show Prep

Getting into the Mood to Care – Pre Show Prep


Pre Show Prep – Getting in the Mood to Care

My good friend and coworker Marti Hannon from World Changer Consulting joins me, the Reluctant Ringmaster, on the Caregiving Circus Talk Show to chat about getting or being in the mood to care.  We figured since it was the month of love, February, we would show some of you’all how to love yourself.

Gateway Drugs – Pre Show Prep

No, not really.  We are actually talking about the pre show prep needed to get in the mood to care for others.  She and I both really like using the essential oil Lavender to calm ourselves and those around us that we care for.  We also talked about the pre show prep including orange essential oil – which is great for energy.  It is much funnier if you listen to the audio.

It Is Not Selfish to do a Pre Show Prep

I mean really folks.  It is not selfish – it is essential.  (Ah, play on words – essential, essential oils).  We would not say something rude to a actor preparing to get ready for a show.  As a result, why then would be get upset about a caregiver needing time to prepare to face the day.  Sometimes it is just hard.  So let us prep.  Let us figure out our way to make ourselves present in the moment and move forward with vigor.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Okay, that really had nothing to do with the podcast at all, but I think Kermit the Frog is hilarious and I am in a good mood and wanted to share.  That is a big part of self care friends.  Your mood, good, bad, or ugly, will rub off on those around you and everything you do.  In conclusion, try to be aware of your senses and your surroundings so you are able to be focused and care for yourself and others.

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