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Why Use the Iriis Application?  Top 3 Reasons to Create a Care Team

So you want to know why you would want to use the Iriis application don’t you?  Well, I suppose that I am the one that really wants YOU to know why you would want to use it.

Here are three reasons that I think you should download the FREE Iriis application.

1.  You are doing a lot of work all by yourself and no one else knows it without an Application.

Here is one of our largest failings as caregivers, it is that we are great at our jobs!  We are so good at caring for others that no one realizes how much work it is.  No one knows the to-do list that is a mile long that you actually already did today.  So, one reason to use Iriis is to put that entire list in one place and invite everyone else that COULD be helping to the care team.  Both you and they will be surprised at how much you are already doing.

Why does this actually matter?  Other than for bragging rights?  Well, what happens, or at least what happened for me was that I finally got overwhelmed.  I blew up and said I couldn’t do it anymore.  My entire family looked at me like I was crazy.  Why?  Because I did my job so WELL that they had no idea how much I was doing.  So, it matters.

2.  You need one place to store all the important documents that others can access in one Application.

One of the biggest struggles that divorced parents have is they don’t really want to talk to each other.  Or what about siblings that always fight, but now they are all trying to remotely care for Mom or Dad?  Wouldn’t it just be easier to put the will in one centrally shared location, that only you can edit or delete?  That way, not matter what, you have all the docs where they are needed and you don’t have to keep answering your ex-husband’s stupid questions about the last time the kids went to the doctor for their yearly physical (you know, because YEARLY wasn’t clear enough?).  — Just Kidding (j/k) — I’m not divorced.  But, I think you get my drift.

3.  You are calling, texting, emailing, and facebook messaging too many people and someone always gets missed.

Instead of all that craziness, invite them all to your team.  They will all get the update that you post to the virtual file cabinet.  You can take a picture of the summary care instructions or even the notes you wrote during an appointment.  The others on the team will see the information when they login.  After all, Mom is in urgent care – so you have better things to do than look for Aunt Suzie’s phone number and try to find a quiet place to call.  Let’s not forget how chatty she is either.

There are a ton of great reasons to download the Iriis app.  Here are just 3 of the ones that matter to me today.  What other ways do you think you could use the app?




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