Balance the Performance by the Victor

A Performance by the Victor!

Thermodynamics & Balance

I read a blog post by James Clear today.  It was about the second law of thermodynamics and how it plays into change and chaos.  The basic concept is that the world is made of chaos, chaos in a closed system.  A closed system seeks balance.  That means if you increase energy in one way, you decrease energy in another way.

Confidence in Chaos

The largest takeaway was the only thing we can expect with confidence is chaos.  So when we say, how do these bad things keep happening to me, it is more likely that the bad things will happen than anything else.  Our world is seeking to stay in a chaotic state.  In addition, the only thing or things that can create order are humans.  In fact, it is our reason for being, to create order in a world of chaos.  But, when we try to create this order, the plans, the systems, the world tries to rebalance, it changes too.  It adds in chaos to even the balance back out.  So it is our innate purpose to remain in motion, not inert. It is in our innate purpose to change, to push, to seek out control.  The world in turn will also change, push, and seek out chaos.

Paralyzed by Fear of Creation

Who cares and what does this have to do with you or me?  Well, a lot really.  Think about this for a minute.  If you have sand and you have water the world will never be able to make a sand castle.  All the infinite possibilities of the combinations of sand and water in the world of chaos will not see the order of the sands and the right amount of water to create a sand castle.  If we want a sand castle, we must put the sand with the water and create the castle.  No matter how far from shore or how much we maintain the castle, the sand and water will seek out their original nature, chaos, to not be connected.  If we do nothing, if we continue to be paralyzed by the fear of our creations being ruined, they will never exit.

Crave Change from Chaos – Control

We often hear others say that they do not like change.  Liking or not liking change is irrelevant.  By the very nature of being a human you crave change.  You want change from the chaos, for more order, for more control.  While we want more control, to maintain order we must act, to try to keep the chaos at a level that is manageable for our unique comfort level with chaos.  What I took away from this was the freak accident or the terrible news or the awful sickness is not really the surprise, the real surprise is all the things that go right, because if they go right it means that a lot of forces and a lot of people must have exerted the energy necessary to keep the control.

Beauty, Balance, and Order in Chaos

Furthermore, understanding the energy exerted by artist allowed me to feel even more in awe of their masterpieces.  Taking things like paint and canvas and brushes – and combining these tools together to create beauty.  The beauty is in the order they put the paint on the canvas, the type of canvas, the colors they selected, and the years and years of effort they used to perfect their craft.  The beauty and unbelievable nature of their art is that it is art at all, and not a jumbled mix of brown ugliness.  The years of order, the years of control, the years of working to create the beauty is the gift they give to the balance.

Chances to see Balance

I will try to see the next thing that arrives in my life unexpectedly as the chance to see balance.  The injection of the chaos in my life is a sign. I can invoke my powers of order and control to make something beautiful.  Therefore, I will try to not fear change, but see it as an opening and connection with the universe and my place within it.

Challenge You to See the Opportunity

I challenge each of you to see opportunity in the unplanned, in the chaos, in the tragedy you next face.  To take action, as inaction will just allow the chaos to fill the void that you are not filling with more things that are out of your control.  Take control as the victor, I challenge you to not see yourself as a victim.  To conclude, do not see yourself as having something done to you, but the one with the power to do something.

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